I did some boring cut&paste work today to make up a page of press reviews after the last release.

Maybe you’d like to read some of the reviews or send the URL to your friends or digg any article you like. Anyway… a lot to read out there! If we missed anything, please let me know!

Note to the German readers: I like the review at golem.de (scroll down to find the exact URL!), it’s very comprehensive. If you have a not-so-geeky partner and are tired of looking at a blank face when you’re talking about the new KDE, you should definitively point her or him there. ;-)

Here is the whole list…

UPDATE: The current list – including all suggestions in the comments below – can be found here



  • [SWEDISH] KDE 4.1 ute nu – läs om nyheterna: idg.se

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14 Responses to KDE 4.1 in the press

  1. duSoo sagt:

    i would exclude the last article in „English“ section:
    KDE 4.1 Mania (Overview on Kubuntu, Fedora and Opensuse): linuxguider.blogspot.com

  2. Alexandra sagt:

    I wasn’t sure on that one either…

  3. Markus sagt:

    Move that KDE 4.1 Mania „article“ to Non-English. It’s written in a language similar to English but with less verbs and other oddities. ;-)

  4. Joergen Ramskov sagt:

    You missed this one: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080729-kde-4-1-delivers-a-next-gen-desktop-linux-experience.html

    That just a quick overview though, but he will be doing a more thorough review of it as well. My guess is that it’ll be released soon. I think he’s done some pretty good reviews/articles about KDE4. He’s not been 100% positive, but then again, KDE4 isn’t exactly perfect yet and he do see the potential.

  5. Alexandra sagt:

    Thanks to Joergen and Frederik! I’ll collect your suggestions and update the article in the next days.

    Please keep those URLs coming! :-)

  6. liquidat sagt:

    Awesome list, well done! :)

  7. Troy Unrau sagt:

    Oddly enough, at least half of your links are marked as already visited on my system. :) Thanks for the list.

  8. David Gerard sagt:

    http://reddragdiva.livejournal.com/484521.html – includes tips for a happy setup on Kubuntu 8.04

  9. Amir sagt:

    wow , very very nice :)

  10. liquidat sagt:

    Awesome list, well done! :)