I made my debut as a speaker on wednesday. I think I mentioned that before… once or twice… maybe…

Just let me put it like that: it was exciting and I liked it. And I’m so happy how my slides turned out that I will put them up again here. Call me vain.

[UPDATE] I heard your complaints. Let me know if this slideshare widget doesn’t work either.

KOffice 2 overview

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12 Responses to KOffice 2 talk

  1. Wade sagt:

    You’re vain.

  2. Adriaan de Groot sagt:

    You’re vain, and that’s fruit salad.

  3. Aaron Seigo sagt:

    the use of fruit in the slides was both clever and effective =) i really liked that touch.

    @Wade: second only to you, darling. ;)

  4. Kevin Kofler sagt:

    A KOffice talk made available through a competing office suite? WTF?!

  5. Alexandra sagt:

    @Kevin: Indeed. I feel the oddity. But I didn’t say I made it with GoogleDocs, it’s just so handy to share. ;)

  6. Kevin Krammer sagt:

    Do you have it available in some other form as well?

    This embedded Google thingy just tells me it isn’t capable of delivering the presentations to my browser (Konqueror) and switching user agents doesn’t help either

  7. Kevin Kofler sagt:

    Ugh, this SlideShare stuff is even worse, it requires Flash. :-/
    The Google stuff worked just fine in Konqueror 3.5.10, there’s a link to skip the UA check and then it displays.
    And can’t you just make an ODP file available for download? You can convert PPT to ODP with OO.o Impress or KPresenter if that’s your problem. ;-)

  8. Alexandra sagt:

    I now have the slides available online as .odp and .pdf.

    For the .odp: http://is.gd/3h7w
    For the .pdf: http://is.gd/3h7m

    Enjoy! :)

  9. Niiice sliiides. Really liked them though I don’t get much of the german. Made me hungry ;)

  10. notafish sagt:

    You’re naiv

  11. notafish sagt:

    and no it wasn’t a typo :P

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