Since I upgraded my wordpress install, the FlickrRSS plugin I used to show thumbnails of my photos at the top of my blog has stopped working. Nothing serious, just a bit annoying.

Over the weekend I took the time to finally get the pics back.

The Plugin still didn’t work, so I decided to throw out both the plugin and the associated PHP code in the main template. Instead I took the one flickr provides for badges, removed all the CSS that comes with it and kept only the single line of JavaScript, within which I changed the amount of shown thumbnails from 10 to 9. Then I wrapped a <div> around it to assign the former used style sheet again et voilà.

It looks exactly the way it did before and beautifies my template again. Isn’t that sweet?

And a hint to those who were wondering (or coming from a feedreader): it’s on the startpage of the blog, not on those pages that show one article only. :)

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