Today, we added a new member to the family of Qt websites.

Some weeks ago, we had a creative coffee break in the Oslo office with rather bad coffee but nice cookies (did you know that Norwegians make really good cookies?). Sitting on the comfy couches, someone raised the issue (or should I say: challenge?) that we don’t have a place where we can show all the creative and uncommon projects that pop up on blogs and land in our inboxes from time to time. Enter QtOverload!

On this new blog, we want to collect cute little applications, code snippets or screenshots (or whatever else fits) and give credit to the enormous creative potential that our toolkit sets free in cute Qt programmers.

We bet that you have something extra cute sitting on your hard drive or living somewhere in the back of your head. Don’t let it gather dust any longer and send your ideas over to submissions [at] qtoverload [dot] com. We’ll finally give them the attention they deserve!

We’re very excited about this new project and looking forward to your submissions.

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9 Responses to New Baby

  1. Yngve sagt:

    One thing to get on there right away, rss feed!
    Very cute to choose a pink theme :)

  2. Enrico Ros sagt:

    So cute that it hurts your teeth! :-)
    +1 for the new website, I feel like cuddliiiing!!!

  3. Alexandra sagt:

    @Yngve: Right. Why is there no RSS feed???

  4. Wesley Stessens sagt:

    It’s actually believable. I almost fell for it ;)

  5. Jure Repinc sagt:

    Hehe. for a few moments I’ve been reading this as Qt Overlord :) I agree about RSS, I also think it could be usefull to add those Submit to Digg/reddit links. Anyways wish you much success with the new Qt community site.

  6. Alexandra sagt:

    RSS should be working. I had to search for the issue a little.


  7. Ivan Čukić sagt:

    I hate April 1st…

  8. JavierBere sagt:

    Beats Googles April Fools joke ;)
    Love that pinkifying browser

  9. Alexandra sagt:

    @Yngve: Right. Why is there no RSS feed???